Domain 5


Apple Springs ISD

Domain 5 District Case Ratings Criteria


Community and Parent Involvement

Enhancing the Digital Presence of the District

     Development and launch of new website

     Development and launch of new mobile app

     Distribution of quarterly electronic newsletter

     Utilizing mobile app for parent, informational, and emergency notifications

     User alerts with vital information, latest news and extracurricular events

     Coordination of website, mobile app and social media outlets to form a

     unified digital presence.


21 Century Workforce Development

Increasing post-secondary opportunities for all students

     Students participating in concurrent college courses

     Students obtaining licenses and certifications in CAN, LVN, phlebotomy, cosmetology

     College and career fairs

     College and career guest speakers on campus

     College scholarship recipients

     Credit recovery program

     Number of CTE courses

     Flexible scheduling for concurrent college and career students


Digital Learning Environment

Integrating technology in the classroom

     1:1 iPads for all students in grades PK-2

     1:1 Chromebooks for all students in grades 3-6

     1:1 Chromebooks or Laptops for all students in grades 7-12

     Personal computing device for each teacher provided by the district

     Continued professional development in the use of technology

     Encouragement of electronic submissions for student assignments